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 News    |      2017-08-14

In the use of the process of charging treasure, we often encounter a problem: charging treasure to the phone charging intermittent. In fact, there are many reasons for this problem. There are good and bad sides. Rechargeable Po factory for us to explain the reasons for this phenomenon:

Under normal circumstances, we encounter a problem in the first reflection is: charge Po bad, in most cases, this idea is right,

Because some factories in order to fight a price war, through a variety of methods to reduce costs in the mobile power supply motherboard, battery above Jerry, which led to its motherboard, the battery performance is very unstable, will appear in the course of using This kind of problem, "rechargeable cell phone charging will be intermittent" is one of the most common problem.

Users encounter this problem must check clearly, because this low-quality charging treasure there is the danger of explosion. In addition to charging this phone will be intermittent in addition to charging, there are such as: charging speed is slow, the surface temperature is too high, the battery indicator flashes are not normal and so on some other aspects of the problem. In this case, we recommend that users stop using.

opan s Smart Grid Exhibition

Another reason is that the quality of this rechargeable treasure is very good, because: when you charge while playing with the phone while playing games, watching movies, phone calls, due to the aging of electronic components within the phone, charging current will suddenly rise . At this time, charging Bao internal protection circuit will start, cut off the charge. In order to protect the role of mobile phones.

This built-in protection circuit of high-quality charging Po generally in the phone power consumption will appear when the above situation, the normal standby, playing QQ, brush friends circle these low power consumption is not intermittent situation 。

In addition, this charging treasure in the normal detection of the mobile phone current will start charging, there will not be other problems, such as: charging speed is slow, the temperature is too high and so on.

Therefore, when users encounter such a situation, we must first check clearly, do not blindly judge and make decisions. Is the quality of the kind of determined not to use the poor, is the kind of good quality do not arbitrarily discarded.